You。We just think we doこれがどうして私達

You。We just think we do、これがどうして「私達は分かると思っているだけ」になるの?Telephone。I will tell you the more, I just stayed awake last night thinking of this thing, and the more that I think of it I don't know what in the hell, it looks like to me that we're getting into another Korea。 It just worries the hell out of me。 I don't see。

前文にWe dont really know.とかあるだろ~お前が知らないだけだよ~VAIBS10。 Instead, I'm only going to use quotes I can recall from memory, talk about how I've used them in my life, and 。 Are you free? Do you know how to think for yourself and make your own decisions? Be honest。 No one else is。

You。 I've got some good news。 You don't actually have a time management problem — you just think you do。 I've learned a lot about time management in the past couple years of writing the For The Interested newsletter including a。

We。We all think we're right。 I believe that's the simple truth。 We all think that we are right。 It's the only way we can think。 Otherwise, we simply wouldn't have believed in what we're saying。 And it's okay。 We have every right to。


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