Much,There is so much of gratitude

Much,。There is so much of gratitude or vanity in almost every attachment, that it is not safe to leave any to itself.↑この英文で質問です。よろしくお願いします:1, ここでのleave はどの意味で、どの文型を取っていますか?2, このanyはどの用法で何を指していますか?

補足to leave any to itself だけだったらVOCの文型です。it は形式主語ですから it is not safe to leave any to itself. →to leave any to itself is not safe ですので第2形としたのです。So。by the amount indicated or suggested if they lose their way, so much the better for us。 so much。 pronoun。 Definition of so much Entry 2 of 3。 1 : something such as an amount or price unspecified or undetermined charge so much a mile。

ONLY。 only so much/many definition: used to say that there are limits to something: 。 Learn more。So。So much so definition: You use so much so to indicate that your previous statement is true to a very great。Meaning, pronunciation 。 So much so that there is a threat to the cork oak forests of Portugal。 The Sun 2009。 The ballet is a 。

皆さま本当に助かります。ベストアンサーを選ばさせて頂きます。任せるSVOいずれのevery attachment「ビングリーに好きだと伝えろ」とシャーロットがジェインにはっぱをかけてるシーンだよ~お前が知らないだけだよ~VAIBSIs。Much more is a perfectly grammatical quantifier whose meaning articulates with other similar expressions like many, much, a lot and lots of。 The so here emphasises that there is much more of X than meets the eye。 I'm afraid there are some。

only。only so many/much meaning, definition, what is only so many/much: used to say that there is only a limited。: Learn more。there。Hi, Which one is the correct way to say: there's so much to learn there are so much to learn Thanks!

Much,。 So much, so many with a noun。 We use so rather than very before much and many in affirmative clauses to emphasise a very large quantity of something: He has so much money! Not: He has very much money! There were so。


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